Group Services

Annual Audit:

At the end of each policy year, we will prepare an annual written review of the Group Insurance Plan. The review covers the following points:

  • Coverage and benefit levels together with suggested changes in the light
    of current trends.
  • Claims in the past year and the relationship of claims to paid premiums.
  • The reserves established by the carrier to determine their adequacy and whether
    or not they are reasonable.
  • The carrier's expense changes, underwriting method, pooling levels,
    funding methods, etc.
  • Consideration of possible rate adjustments in light of financial experience
    or other factors.
  • Claims control procedures being practiced under the plan.

Quarterly Experience Assessment:

It is our practice to regularly review the emerging claims experience under your program and provide you with a written assessment on a quarterly basis. This allows our clients to be fully aware of the financial direction of the program throughout the policy year and make informed decisions regarding the management of the group benefits.

Legislation, Contracts, and Amendments:

We are responsible for scrutinizing all insurance legislation, contracts, and amendments to verify that they properly reflect the desired coverage on a competitive level.

Market Survey Studies:

As required, prepare specifications on current and/or new benefits and obtain quotations in the competitive market.

Analyze Current and New Benefits:

As directed by the client, prepare an analysis of new plans or revisions to existing benefits. The analysis includes, where applicable, a review of the merits of insuring results versus self-insuring.

Administrative Assistance:

We are responsible for providing administrative assistance during the year. Efficient handling of claims can do so much to enhance employer-employee relations and improve the employee's understanding of the fringe benefits program. We advocate on behalf of our clients who may face any claim difficulties.


We are responsible for providing advice on the cost-sharing arrangements between the employer and the employee. We assess the cost-sharing against current competitive practices and also to determine whether or not the maximum advantage is being utilized under the current income tax legislations.


We are responsible for providing assistance and/or advice in the following areas:

  • Absenteeism control program
  • Social welfare benefits such as CPP/QPP, UIC, OHIP
  • Special risks and accidental plans of all types.
Group Products
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Extended Health Care
  • Dental
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Group RRSP
  • Cost Plus