Individual Products

Life, Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Disability Insurance

We offer a range of life,critical illness disability and mortgage and creditor life insurance products through the following insurance carriers:

Life Insurance

We offer guaranteed, non-medical life insurance through the following insurance carriers- Assumption Life, Canada Protection Plan, Industrial-Alliance, Humania, Manulife and Wawanesa. These products are most suitable for anyone who was recently declined for life insurance through normal underwriting processes, or those who would be highly rated due to health challenges or financial and other considerations. These products require that a client answers a series of qualifying questions to determine both eligibility as well as insurance rates. None of these products require any sort of medical underwriting which would eliminate the need for bloodwork, EKGs and Doctors reports.

Critical illness Insurance

Wawanesa Life offers a quick Issue Critical Illness insurance product where the intent is to provide funds to hep you financially care for yourself and your family and maintain the same quality of life after surviving a critical illness. This plan provides for a lump sum tax free benefit to the owner of the plan on the occurrence of the first of the covered illnesses of the insured, provided that the insured survives a waiting period of 30 days from the 1st diagnosis of this illness or condition. Three types of Quick issue Critical Illness plans are available: 10 Year renewable to age 75, Level to age 75 . and Level to age 75 with a flexible return of premium option. This critical illness insurance is issued upon answering no to just 8 qualifying questions provided there are no unfavorable Medical Insurance bureau reports.

Mortgage and Creditor Insurance

This insurance is underwritten by Forester Life Insurance Co and has the following benefits to policyholders:

  • No health/medical questions
  • Guaranteed issue- no health /medical questions – nobody is declined. An industry first with no other product like this offered in Canada currently
  • Two coverage options available including:
    1. Life: up to 500,000.00 benefit
    2. Disability: up to 3000.00/month
  • Insurance is portable and could be transferred to different mortgage lenders meaning that premium will NOT increase as the customer ages
  • Automatic term renewal until termination ( up to 35 years amortization)
  • Administered in Canada with fully bilingual services

Disability Insurance

The Edge Benefits Inc- offers a guaranteed non-medical insurance product for any occupation for injury occurrence protection ONLY. This is an ideal disability product for those occupations at high risk for injury, ie. Roofers, construction workers and the major concern is any work related injury leading to lost time at work and an extended rehabilitation period. (for further information please contact our team of advisors as Link Insurance @ 905-886-8997)